JWS Ltd. is one of Guam’s leading mechanical contracting companies and over the years, we have been involved in many different mechanical projects which include:

  • Central chilled water systems
  • Freezer plants
  • Boiler installations
  • Fire protection sprinkler systems
  • Plumbing systems
  • Specialty design-build systems


We have the resources to ensure project completion and client satisfaction. We make sure that our clients’ project progresses smoothly and that all project time frames and resources are managed as efficiently and effectively as possible.


We operate our own fabrication workshops which include:

  • Fabrication of sheet metal and duct board
  • Welding, machining and painting to support the construction, installation and service teams


Backed by experienced professionals with relevant expertise in construction, engineering design and estimation, and with our extensive range of equipment and experienced site personnel, we have the capability of delivering innovative and complex site based projects including new installations, modifications, and retrofits.